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  1. Let's discuss your idea or need. You may call me at 250-884-1599.

  2. Allow me to put my 34 years as a professional artist to your best use in helping you conceive a concept/ hatch an idea/ plot a course.

  3. I may ask you to email me a photo of your intended mural wall or sculpture location to get on the same page. Or I may need o visit the site or speak with you in person.

  4. I am chock-full of creative ideas and solutions to your "need-to-be-noticed" and will discuss these freely with you in advance of any commission.

  5. As I don't want to design a "Lamborghini" for a "Beetle" budget (or vice versa), a frank and open discussion of budget should precede any creative time on preliminary drawings. I never try to "blow" the client's budget or spend their money needlessly. If simpler will do, I will suggest it. Sometimes, however, a "big splash once" beats a project added onto in fits and starts, in which case I will share my insights and experience towards treating the project with sensibility even if it boosts the initial budget. Obviously the client always has the final say.

  6. Upon agreement of a concept, timeline, and price for the commission, I take a deposit of 5-20% of the project's total cost to commence design work. (This cost comes off the final invoice total when the job is completed.)

  7. A blackline drawing (or if necessary to give full scope to the project, a full color comprehensive drawing or 3D maquette) is produced for the client's final approval to begin final artwork. In the odd case that alterations are required before commencement of the final work, they will be done at this stage.

  8. Upon final sign-off of preliminary drawing by client, and depending on a number of factors involved, I may require pre-payment of half the project's total invoice prior to commencement of job. Unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties beforehand, final payment in full is always on a C.O.D. basis.

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Client Comments:

"... a stunning piece of art from an incredibly talented artist,. We received far more than just a mural. Steve's personality made an impression on us as well. Now that he has finished the mural, students tell me they miss his presence in the school. I found Steve to be a hard worker and a person of high integrity. His painting skills are highly impressive and working with him has been such a pleasure. Steve, 'Thank you for pouring out a piece of your heart and soul and leaving it for us and all future John Stubbs students! We LOVE our mural!"

Carlie Kilduff - John Stubbs Teacher

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